She stood there like an angel in disguise. As he approached he remembered how some women play games while others remain wise. Was he looking for a woman or a girl? Her blue eyes were streaking with light like a pearl. “Hi, why are you standing alone?” She replied, “I’m not like most girls”. He felt sadness that she used the word girl not woman. “But you look like a little girl standing here all by yourself. I mean its kind of a waste to see such a colorful dress waste away by this plain white column.” She giggled and looked in the distance looking for her friend. “I think I have to go now, my friend is around here somewhere.” He replied, “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” He noticed her pupils dilate, a very subtle catch on his part. “Jasmine”, she whispered. His nostrils flared, he could smell the scent of that particular flower. “You’re kidding. Like the flower huh? So not only are you colorful but you also smell good” he stated. He was a bit hesitant while saying this as he knew from experience not knowing if this girl knew how to take compliments. But there was something about her that captured him. The way she stood, the way her eyes moved around, and even the way her hair was put in a bonilla. She didn’t reply back to him with her mouth but with her eyes. There was a twinkle. Deep down inside she knew he was a nice guy but she was in a bit of a predicament. She had stated earlier that she wasn’t like most girls. She wanted to do away with him because he was too nice but then again she didn’t want to betray her values. She thought to herself, Let’s see where this goes, he might be different. “Yeah like the flower, my mom was going to call me Lilly but It’s the way God wanted things i guess.” Now let me tell you something about this young man. He was not the brightest of the bunch but he certainly had likes and dislikes. He was also very sentimental and anything pertaining to his sensual senses you could grab his attention. He thought to himself, This girl is about to leave anyways and i think she’s playing games now. I’m going to say the most absurd thing I can think of. This situation was funny because the girl was actually being real and not playing games where as he was starting to. “God enjoys the smells of Lillys more than Jasmines.” She laughed while snorting. She was attracted to his randomness and spontaneity. He was attracted to her snorting laugh. “I like when girls laugh like that, it makes me feel like im in preschool. Like we are both sitting under the desk fighting over crayons while I try and color on your face.” There was something there now. An energy that could blind the whole world. Jasmines friend popped out of nowhere like a prone navy seal hiding beneath the trenches during the vietnam war. “Jasmine, hey girl hey!” She screamed. She came off as that annoying friend who was materialistic and caught up in the life of a sorority girl who was doing nothing with her life. Jasmine was a bit annoyed because she thought about how her mom always said that people sometimes judge you based on the friends you affiliate yourself with. “This is my friend, Sonya.” Jasmine introduced her in a very plain way unintentionally. The young man got a very bad first impression. He was actually disgusted with the way that she looked. She was orange and had clearly had been using one of those artificial tanning beds that make you look like a dorito. She was also wearing so much makeup that her face looked like it was a glazed vanilla donut. She was wearing ginourmous sunglasses at the top of her head. They were actually so big it looked like she was wearing a headscarf. Anyways enough about the materialistic alien looking gir. “I have to go now” he said. “Will I see you again” Jasmine asked. “Yeah, maybe in another life.” He shook their hands and headed towards the door as he put in his headphones. That conversation had just boosted up his confidence by ten points. He felt like the man. He never saw Jasmine or the materialistic sorority looking friend ever again.