Three men lay trapped in the cave of wonders. Their eyes full of confusion. Afraid of what was to come of their futures. They think about their wives and families back home. They ponder at how this life is so complex and confusing at times. To relieve their stress, they all speak their minds in different ways. One of the man walked to a corner where small droplets of water drizzle from a crevice. He lay out his hand and let the water drizzle down his forehead. As he tasted the water he felt purified, as if his soul left his body. He falls down to his knees. He starts to pray. Opening up his heart soul he says, “I kneel before you a servant, naked and weak, only capable to carry the burdens to you lay upon me. No different than an ant carrying rice on its back But by bigger magnitudes. I am grateful for the ability to taste. This is but one of the smallest mercies you give me in this life. The next man walk towards the other end of the cave. There lay a crevice with a bit of the wind gusting through it. He allow for the air to pass through his mouth and nose as he inhale and exhale. He bow his head down in gratitude for the beautiful air that was provided for him. He prays, “I bow before you like a falling rock, this rock washed with water to soften the soul of my being. I am conscious of my decay as one created of clay I shall soon turn into dust. Purify me, as a part of your virtue is in me.For without this air, my lungs are but a fish without water, a mother bird without her chicks.” The third man walk towards the last corner of the cave. A small bundle of flowers sprout. Three kinds in particular, a jasmine, a lily, and a dandelion. He gaze at the beautiful colors and run his nose against all three. As he gaze his eyes upon them, tears start to fall from his eyes. They start to water the flowers. The man raise his hands, “Your signs from the air, to the water, to the earth. We are no different than these three flowers. Lonely and scared, begging for your tears of mercy. For you gave me the ability to see and smell, this means more to me than the world itself.” Suddenly, all three crevices seal off. The clean water stops gushing, the fresh air stops flowing, and the beautiful flowers die. The men lay in more confusion but they remain patient all strong in faith knowing that with death comes life and life comes death. They continue on with their prayers in hopes of a new sign. The time passes and they fall asleep. Each wake up the next morning finding themselves back home in their bed laying next to their wives. The first mans wife says to him, “I am grateful to find you here, I dreamt that you were lost and confused in a cave but I remember you drinking from this wave of water as it carry you home. The man replies, “I have learned to be grateful and patient even when I have nothing to drink, I am glad to be home with you.” The second man’s wife says to him, ” I am thankful to have you here with me, I dreamt that you were burdened and scared in a cave but I remember you breathing air from the clouds and a gust of air carrying you home.” He replies, I have learned to be steadfast and humble even when I can not breathe, it is good to see you my love.” The last man’s wife says to him, “I am blessed to have you here with me, I dreamt that you were anxious and frightened in a cave, but I remember you smelling beautiful flowers and their roots pulling you home. He replies, “I have learned to be virtuous and kind even when I have nothing beautiful to see or smell. I am glad you are here next to me.” Sometimes in life when everything appears to be so confusing, dark, and scary there is always a way to be appreciative. The dark times work as a way to show you how ungrateful and impatient you are. The ability to see, smell, feel, touch, breathe are some of the biggest blessings we have in this life. This life is but a dream of hardships and ease. Whether you remain in hardship or ease, being grateful and patient will help you find your way out of the cave of darkness.