He sat by the window as the sunlight beamed on the back of his head. He could feel the warmth of the sun but inside he felt so cold. A kind of loneliness he had never experienced before but it was so soothing. His fingers moved across the piano keyboard like snakes slithering through the woods. He was in a moment of serenity as he thought to himself, “I want to be alone, all alone, like the birds when they fly south for the winter. For you are the winter in my veins, and the loneliness warms my blood.” As he was playing to the tune inside of his head, a figure appeared at the window. She tapped and tapped, but he continued to ignore her. Her tapping on his window became so excessive, he decided to open the window a tiny bit to see what she wanted. “Take me back, I want to be with you.” she said. He replied in a soft voice, “No, I have finally found peace with music it has become my best friend. You left me when I needed you most and you are but cold in my veins.” He turned his back towards her as he started to play her favorite song on the piano but added his own twist to it. His fingers so fluid and sharp at every stroke as she watched him. “This world is a sick and twisted place and I’m not going to give up on you” she screamed. “Well you can try but I will kill you with my music.” he replied as he continued to play. As the endorphins shot throughout his body his anxiety started to fade. He thought to himself, “Keep busy and do not let women deter you from your goals and dreams of becoming something great”. He remembered what his father had told him about women. You will lose success and your dreams if you chase after women but you ill never lose women chasing your dreams. Boom! He thought of a name to his song, ‘Chasing Dreams’. I’m coming for you and I will have you, he thought. And so his dreams began..