A call of prayer goes off and the chills go through his body like the coldest of winters. He drop to the floor and start to cry. He looks up at the sky as he put one hand over his heart. He think to himself, “What sins have I committed that cause you to give me some hardships?” He grip his shirt so tightly, pulling on the part near chest as if he is trying to remove his own soul out of his body. His hand gets stuck near his heart like a needle’s point running through the threads of a sweater. He starts to sweat profusely while tears run down his face. He cannot differentiate which are sweat droplets and which are tears. His mother come running into the room in awe. “My dear son, what has happened?” He reply back, “Mother, I am of the wrongdoers I have committed such horrible sins.” She embrace him in her arms. “Son, do you not know that God is most gracious, most merciful? Even if your sins were to reach the height of the sky you would be forgiven if your heart was sincere.” He felt a comfort, one similar to that of a newborn baby crying laying on his mothers chest. His heart beat recognizing the heart beat of his creator. “Have I not been a good son? I have been so busy focusing on my life that I don’t give you or papa enough of my time.” She smile at him, “No, your mere existence in our life is enough for me and your father. But you must be hopeful and remove this guilty conscience of yours. It will eat you alive like a lion in the darkness. You must become the lion and defeat the darkness.” His hands become free like a criminal having his shackles removed after years of imprisonment. He didn’t realize it, but he had removed some of the dirt that was in his soul. Through his sincerity and true realizations that he had made to himself, he removed his own suffering. “I want you to say something to yourself every morning my son. No matter how anxious or sad you are, continue to tell yourself you will be great. As the bees are attracted to honey, your thoughts and desire attract what you believe in.” The tears and sweat had stopped, he felt as if this whole experience was a cleansing experience similar to one washing himself in a river of purity. “I will be a great man one day mom, although I cannot see it now. The day will come.” His mother replied, “You are already great, hard times make great people.”