There were several iron pitchforks laying about next to steel swords. They asked, “Do you ever have uprising against your lords?” They replied, “We are but steel swords forged by man. Men with wits and menacing laughs.” One of the swords drop to the side knocking the rest off of the wall. The pitchforks replied, “But you have the strength to conquer, armies and empires. We are weak, only used for work and labor. There was tension in the room. The swords replied, “Do you not see how we can fall? We were used by Caesars but over time man has become a crowd pleaser. Do not undermine yourself, every man started with a pitchfork”. The pitchforks stayed silent and finally one spoke, “From peasants to knights but where has the code of honor gone? It has but faded for surely man is jaded.” One sword started to shine as it was more polished than the rest, “I have been in the hands of great knights and lords, their code of honor has faded and their sense of chivalry degraded.” Do you not see how I am polished? I have been polished but never used, only a trophy of the elitists. Man is but a coward.” A pitchfork that lay stuck in a pile of hay shouted, “From Lords to Kings, their hubris inflated but empires rise and empires fall. Power corrupts as man stands too tall.” Not all men are cowardly but surely man is ungrateful.” There was a silence in the room as no one could contest the statement about the ungratefulness of man. “Where have our shields gone? They have separated us.” said the swords. “Do you remember when they used to use us together?” All of the swords proclaimed in unity. They had finally come to agreement. Men nowadays are no longer men. They no longer chase after what they believe in and are no longer dominant. Our dreamers and fighters are few, this world is now full of rich cowards who run about with shields. Many do not work for their bread and those that are given swords usually keep it polished and never use it for a good cause. One pitchfork started to break as he stated to the others, “Do you remember when man had to work for his bread? When he had to put in blood and sweat to earn his fair share?” “Yes I remember” the old pitchfork replied. “Now we are but pitchforks, only to be used by those who remember how to work for their living.” The swords stood themselves back up. “Agreed, for we are but swords, only to be used by those who believe in fighting for a cause.” Then we shall continue to agree on this until the times change.