An angel softly blew the breath of life into the newborn baby child. His fellow angels surround it like wolves preparing to feast on a prey. One whispered in the baby’s ear, “We will shower the blessings of rain on you like shards of glass as we have been commanded to do so.” It was discretionary, the timing perfect. He was destined to become a great man but his family around him did not even realize it, only the angels knew. He had a clean slate, his books plain as a floor full of fresh snow. The devil showed up, “Rivers of blood will flow as he grows older but for now he cannot be touched for my numbers are few and your numbers are many.” The devil could not get near the baby as the family and friends of the newborn were constantly reading prayers and the angels were laying their blessings upon him. The devil had washed away but he would soon return on another day. The angel had tears of joy yet tears of pain as they knew what would become of him. He was to enter this world with a clean slate and a white soul but the world was a dark place. So complex and full of confusion and deceit. One angel spoke, “I hope that these blessings of rain that we lay upon do not fill his buckets with pride for that will be the fall of him like the rest that we have endowed.” The angels were precise in the words, every statement defined and perfectly lined. They had seen the beginning and the end of many as if they were judges of crowns and trophies. But they remained only slaves and servants like messengers with a specific purpose. The devil returned again but this time with vicious companions. They slithered into the room, hungry, and ready to kill for blood. They were the cause of confusion on the day of Noahs ark, their menacing laughs during the tormenting flood. “We are here to flood this room with fear and we shall be the fall of man.” The sun started to rise, the room froze it was as silent as the still night. The spawning of the new had started and the ridding of the old. Rain, rain, let it rain. The start of a new life had begun but would he become a hero or a villain of this cruel world? God only knows. And so the angels returned to him and the devil fled with his demons. The world welcomed a new stranger.