There lay in front of him two women. One of beauty and the other of intelligence. They were similar to that of two birds, an eagle and a hawk. Both had their own unique qualities but he was attracted to both of them in a different way. One of them had a short rounded body but you could see her wings they were as beautiful as the sunset on the horizon sky. She was the kind that a predator would swiftly want to hunt without letting her know that you were hunting her. The other, a sharp mind that could conquer any conversation. She was so full of wit and influence that it gave her the broadest of wings. She had a strong soaring flight, she carried with her a vision. Where as the beautiful one carried herself with pride. They both represented power in their own special way and they were capable of seering over Constantinople or even Mount Olympus. They both carried their own kind of features in a fascinating way. A wealth like King Solomon, one, a gold midas of body and face, the other of mind. But where was a man to find a beauty of the heart without all of the vanity or even the arrogance of one with vast intelligence? Man is truly ungrateful. He was looking for one who was rich in mind yet abundant in heart. For beauty and intelligence alone are but blind birds soaring into emptiness.