They lived within a system of money, one lacking of morals. Its inhabitants constantly empty and lost beneath the corals. They were so caught up with materialism as if they had swum around the water like hungry sharks. One day a cloaked traveler visited this town only to know that life there was so dark. “Can i help you sir?” a townsmen kindly asked. “I am searching for someone, someone to guide me and help me find my way through this thing called life.” the cloaked traveler responded. “Come this way, I will show you the palace of light.” As he followed the man towards the palace, the deeper he went into the town the more foul his breath. He was still looking for a meaning only to realize that inside everyone was death. Naked women were dancing in the streets, music blaring, there were drunken orgies wherever he went. He noticed high buildings made of gold and diamonds, the highest he had ever seen. “Where are we?” the cloaked traveler asked. “Do not ask me questions for you will not find the answers through me” he answered ambiguously. A naked woman approached him with lustful eyes, “Do you want me? I can fulfill your every wish?” She pulled out her tongue like a slithering serpent. “My lady, I fear for you and your people, for you are as lost as I am.” She laughed. “So let us get lost inside of each other”, she said to him seductively. “Traveler, are you coming to the palace or not?” the townsmen asked impatiently. They continued on their way brushing several women proposing themselves in such a seductive way. “Traveler, do not waste your time trying to change these people, they have lived this way for centuries, it is in their culture to be this way.” Finally they arrived at the Palace of Light. At the entrance stood two guards cloaked in white riding on beautiful white horses. “I hope you find what you seek my friend, good day to you traveler.” He stood there in confusion as the city he had just walked through was so dark and full of filthy people but now there was a light. The cloaks of the guards at the palace were so bright that they were blinding to his eyes. “Who stands before the gate of the Palace of the Light?” asked one of the guards. “I am but a traveler. I seek guidance in this lost world looking for truth and looking to inspire others in this weary world.” One of the guards responded, “You are torn between two worlds all for greed, this life is so opaque do you not know the weight of a deed?” he questioned him in a riddling way. “I do not who I will become, only what I am. For one to live so lavishly and not understand. We are all just marchers of the same walking band. Some tunes are more beautiful than the rest, we are all just prisoners of the same test.” The guards looked at each other. “A wise answer, traveler. You may go ahead through these walls. I hope you find what you are looking for.” He continued through the gates, as he entered he look up and see a beautiful dome. A dome made completely of glass, the light pouring it through. It was if the sun was laying in his veins and warming his soul. He had found comfort. He heard a voice from the distance and it said the following, “Many will fail and only few will strive. Appreciating merely existing and feeling alive. There will come a test where they will be torn, between the dark and the light. They will ride into battle full of chivalry, hearts truly black or truly white.” He fell to his knees and gaze at the light waiting for the night-time to find the truth he seek.