They had been friends since childhood. But their views had differed on many different levels. One valued the concepts of virtue and lived the life of a gentleman but through honest means. Where as his friend always lived the life of a bachelor. He never settled down and believed in doing whatever was required to succeed in life. Basha saw him as a friend and follower, but never a believer. His ways of dealing with people were like knives thrusting about like Brutus and Caesar. He had confided in him since birth, their relationship was pure. It was one of full trust and established faith but the devil had conquered him. He had whispered to him in the night like a wandering wraith. As time passed he had cloaked him under the robe of a virtuous friend but fate would find him at a road so dead end. No where to go no where to flee, his words would become weak like the sick and the elderly. Basha’s heart was eventually going to break away soft no more nor tenderly. His friend promised to change his ways, yet his talk was cheap as money had found him in corruption. Not thinking only feeling, their relationship would become a volcanic eruption. Deep down the devil turned his soul into a dark abyss. Basha’s heart was full of Cupids arrow, he sometimes couldn’t find the words they wouldn’t hit and would always miss.