She stood still there with her beautiful eyes. A young man walked towards her as he gave her a glance, his body full of lies. A bachelor is a wolf in disguise but he was different. He was a gentleman, simply a patient wolf. He wanted to talk to her but his past love burned him inside like a fresh wood in fire. He said, “Hello” but she ignored him. “My name is Basha”, he said. “I have never heard this name. Where are you from?” she responded. Their conversation started rolling like a tire. He was a wolf and she was a sheep. They were talking but he wanted to whisper something so deep. “I’m a traveler, I’m from everywhere and from nowhere.” He said in a confidently ambiguous manner. His response had her mended no different than a simple piece of twine. “If you don’t have the time to share then I must be on my way.” she replied. Tick tock, his words had lost him some time. “Wait, I want to get to know you. Will you not show a traveler his way?” he stated. He suckled on his words like a baby nursing a mother, but he she was thrown away. “What do you seek from me? I am just lost in this world as you are and I have no time for distractions.” Her words were like bottles filled with gold,  shiny and luminous through glass. He counted to ten while holding his breath, he started to feel as if he was floating in a bay. “Whats wrong with you?”, she asked as she started to twirl pieces of her hair around her fingers. He waited  few seconds to find the right words as his heart was telling him no but his brain was telling him yes. “Your words are like water, they flow more sweetly than the wine. Holy, refreshing, and truly divine.” She was speechless but didn’t know how to reply. But she felt like Eve standing in a garden of bliss looking around to find her love Adam. “You’re smooth and your words flow sweeter than those of Adam and Eve. Like newborn children, no roots. You really are but a lost leaf.” Now there was an energy in the air like a cold fusion. An indescribable chemistry that only those involved in it at that specific moment in time could explain. Their souls were floating a midst the air with the must subtle pieces of their minds. Strolling down a garden of wonders, fingers intertwined like their hearts were enjoined in one, so veritably sublime. She was his predisposed creation and she had turned him into a Frankenstein. “I must go now, I feel weird all of a sudden. I have lost control of my senses” she proclaimed. “No wait, I want to see you again”, he replied. She was attracted to him because he was so aggressive and knew what he wanted but carried a bit of desperation his shoulders. His eyes were full of vigor he had never felt this way about a stranger. He was frenzied and out of control, she felt his desperation would cause him to say words of destruction. “I never felt this way. I mean look at us. We are two strangers standing out here in the rain. I’m drenched and cold. What the hell are we doing?” he stated honestly. She knew what he was trying to do as he was stating the obvious but her heart told her that it couldn’t go anywhere there were too many obstructions. His desperation turned him into a frankenstein but it caused her to become curious as to what she had done. “You have me curious now”, she replied subtly. She still didn’t know he was but a patient wolf ready to bait her. The only thing she could ask for was guidance from her creator. She thought to herself, “What if he is the one and I am letting go of something special? But what if he is like this because he wants something else from me? Perhaps, I have reeled in a monster and I should throw him back into the sea.” He waited patiently and she philosophized with a gaze of confusion. “I really have to go now” she said confidently. She had made up her mind. She threw him back into the sea yet they never had a chance to talk over tea. She thought she understood him and his games and tricks. But she left him wounded, maybe he was a real gentleman? It was nothing more nothing less. The less of her understanding, the more she had to guess. He walked away broken, feeling wounded, hit with stones and sticks. Her judgements turned her into a scientist trying to tame a brand new creation. His search in this weary world continued but time only worked for him, a traveler, a patient wolf, he understood the meaning of elation.