Her lips were an expression of her fertility. They were full like the moon and so lustful yet seductive. She stared at him with a stone gaze and it left him a crazy a haze. “I want to bite away right now, I feel so destructive.” she said while smiling at him. He did not know what to expect especially since she felt this way at such a random time. “When I’m around you I feel like my soul is on fire. It moans, it sweats, it can really feel your passion.” She boosted his confidence, she hadn’t been this wild since they got engaged. There was heat in between like the Sahara desert. The sweat that fell down her face onto his was so hot that there was smoke coming off of both of their bodies. She had moved her hips and body in such a beautiful fashion similar to that of an arabian horse. There was riding, two beautiful arabians full of vigor and endurance. “You are amazing, you know that my moon?” He whispered in her ears. As his breath tickled her ears, the hair behind her neck started to stand tall. She felt a shiver down her spine and her body was paralyzed. “You are my arabian, so full of stamina. why do you have to do this to me?” She asked him. “Do what to you?” he replied back. He had pulled away from her. “Just the way you look at me sometimes, I can’t move. I want to say so much but at the same time i can’t say anything.” He had given her a satisfied assurance. “Promise me that itll always be this way?” she asked him ambiguously. “Nothing is guaranteed in this life, not even us.” She smiled at him in a cute way. They enjoyed it every moment of it. Slow, Rough, Quick, Soft, Smooth, just perfect. Up and down, in and around, forwards and backwards, upside down and inside out. “You. Are. Amazing.”, she gasped. She stared at the ceiling, unable to breathe. All she wanted to do was gasp for air. The kisses were sweeter than chocolate and hes touching was so divine. He pushed her away. “What are you doing?” she asked curiously. “I’m admiring you in the light. It’s like a painting that I can’t recreate. Everything about you is perfect. Your curves, your smile, your eyes, it’s like I stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.” He replied confidently. Pasionee, Belle, Guapo. There was so much attraction. Infinite light between them, absolute protraction. Her body shook over and over again, her fingers and toes started to tingle. She could feel it coming, her muscles tightened, her respiration rate was sky high, and her toes started to curl. She closed her eyes and opened them again. It was the most beautiful dream of her life.