A rugged giant was carrying the earth on his back. He had wide shoulders, a rough black beard, and several scars all over his body. A wise man approached this giant, “Why do you burden yourself with the weight of the world? It is full of darkness and complexity. They will not return this favor you endow upon them back to you.” The man lifted the world off of his back and laid it on the floor. He ran his hands across the oceans, the clouds, the mountains, and all of the animals and human beings inside of it. “The world is full of beauty and innocence, take a look inside of it. “Do you not see the animals and the people and how are they created? And the skies how they are lifted high and vast? The mountains, how they are erected? And the oceans and seas, how they ar spread out?” The old man peaked inside of the earth.”I have seen it all, it is dark and looming with lies and deceit. Man is ungrateful for everything inside of it.” The giant picked up the world and threw it on his back again. “You do not see what i see. Have you ever witnessed the birth of a newborn? Or perhaps peered into his eyes as his little hands clutch the hands of his mother? The weight of the earth does not even compare to a sight like this.” The old man pick up his cane and run it across the giants right shoulder. “What do you make of these scars?”, he asked gracefully. The giant laughed, “They are the price I have to pay to carry such beauty. With enduring hardship comes ease but one must sustain it. I have been patient with the earth for many years now. In hopes of my goodness to it, I hope it will return itself to me with good deeds.” The old man laughed, “I must be a fool. For you suffer too much with nothing in return.” The old man sat down humbly with his cane running across laps. He started to play with the handle as he gather his thoughts of confusion. “You are no fool for you are wise for questioning the complexities of this life.” The old man sat down questioning the exchange that occcurred between them. The earth started to cry as water poured from the oceans and seas. It had drenched the Giants body as he if he had just taken a shower. “My old friend, I must be on my way now. The earth cries for my mercy.” he said with a smile of light. The old man watched him disappear, as he fade away.