An Andalusian horse runs through the night as the sky falls. His mane flows against the wind like a boat sailing at sea. The envious stars talk amongst each other and interpret the flow of his beauty. “Do you not see how he runs through the night?” one say as he gaze at his long strides. “They are but passionate strides, full of vitality and vigor” another star proclaim. The Andalusian continue his strides until he arrive to a river flowing of honey. He slowly start to sit down, as he enjoy every little lick. The Andalusian’s appreciation for the divine honey would make any bee grateful of its hive and bow down to its queen. The Andalusian then run through a dark forest, as the sound of the leaves crunch beneath his feet. He calculates every stride he takes, every muscle in his body now perfectly defined. The wind starts to blow and the trees sway back and forth. They gently start to weep as they dance amongst one another. “Look at how he dance amongst us. He run through our home, a lost traveler so full of curiosity”, the oldest tree whispered to the others. One of the trees fall, as the Andalusian stand and gaze upon and offer his condolences through several neighs. He stop and start to walk in a very regal fashion. He was no different than a king walking amongst his guards in castle. He walk out of the forest and there lay before him a bridge. To the side of the bridge lay water full of flamingos and swans. The Andalusian sprint across the bridge as quickly as he possible could, the moonlight shining down on his back. His mane and tail swaying, up and down, left and right. It was no different than a cobras tongue moving side to side in hopes of tasting the fresh air. As the Andalusian continue to sprint full of dexterity across the bridge, the swans and flamingos splash the water. One swan says to the other, “What clapping hooves, their sound like war drums of soldiers beating their armor and swords preparing for battle.” The flamingos start to sing and push their beaks against one another as if they were making love for the first time. “The sound of this beat brightens the colors of my feathers, they are changing ever so beautifully like the seasons.” the male swan says to his female companion. Their beaks rub against one another like they are in love again for the first time. The Andalusian return after his voyage back to his original starting point. He lay there amongst the sky fall and the envious stars out of breath from his journey. He gaze up at them and lower his head as if he was in prostration. He neigh several times and then lick his lips. The envious stars gaze upon him, “He looks tired and not full of vigor like when we first saw him. And he…” the star sigh. Before the star finish his sentence, the Andalusian fall to the floor. He neigh several times, his neighs like night time prayers. He close his eyes and death follows him. The stars, moon, forest, and all the animals amongst him are filled with a melancholy nature. As the sun start to rise its light touches the moon. “What has happened to our Andalusian? I disappear for one night and death finds him.” The moon responds, “He lived as if it was the last night of his life, we all watched as he enjoyed his journey even though he was not aware of his destination.” The sun smiled, “Then he lived a fulfilling life, it is a new day. Let it begin.” And so the new day began.