An ancient walks amongst the valleys and the canyons. A patient man approaches him, “You are ancient I did not think your kind existed anymore. Let me follow you and learn” the man stated desperately.” And so as the ancient and the patient man walked with another, the ancient shared his knowledge with the man. “My dear ancient, You are older than I am. But I am in search of knowledge and have read so many books but there are certain answers in this life that I cannot seek. Where does a man find himself?” the patient man asked. The ancient pointed at the mans heart. “Here. It all starts here.”, the ancient said. “But the knowledge of the mind is far superior to the feeling of the heart.” replied the man. The ancient looked at him and smiled, “The most beautiful ancient of our time taught that without moderation man could never be complete. Moderation, in both actions and words.” The man asked, “Is it the mind that drives the heart or the heart that drives the mind?” The ancient put his hand on the patient mans shoulder and held him close. He kissed him on the forehead. The mans face turned red out of shyness. “Did you see what I just did?” the ancient asked. “Yes, did you think about what you just did or did you just feel it?” the man asked again. “Moderation, they work synergistically. The heart and mind are the most powerful weapons in the world. When they work together, they can shake the earth. You must learn to use both at the right time.” the ancient answered back. “It seems as if thoughts can be rationalized, but feelings sometimes cannot be explained.” The man pointed. There was a couple making love by the water. “Is that unexplainable? Perhaps one is pure mind and the other pure heart. No different than two pieces of a puzzle completing one another.” The ancient smiled at the patient man. “The heart and mind are not this simple.” And so they continued their walk sharing their heart and mind with one another.