A man dies and wakes up in God’s throne. His soul stands naked before God. His soul look around only to be surrounded by soothing lights and ethereal angels. “Where am I?” the soul asks. God responds, “You are in my throne. To me you belong and to me you shall return. Do you not remember?” God responds delicately. “Why have you filled my life with so much hardship and tested me with so many tribulations?” the soul asked politely. The angels gathered around the soul giggling amongst each other preparing for God’s wise response. “To make you stronger and better. diamonds cannot be polished without friction and gold cannot be purified without fire. You are more valueable to me than all of the riches in the world.” The angels bowed down to show respect to such a wise answer. “But I have seen much suffering, if I am so valuable to you why do you put me through this kind of pain?” The light of the throne started to shine so bright that the light was blinding to both the soul and the surrounding angels. “I have never burdened a soul more than it can bear and I only wished to make you better. And no life is completely full of hardship. There are moments of hardship and times of ease. Do you remember when you were born and everyone around you was smiling while you were crying? My desire for everyone is to leave this world smiling while the loved ones around them are crying.” The soul started to become clear as glass as light shined through it from every direction. The angels stood up from their bows and made a ring around the soul as they lowered their heads. The soul was filled with a mercy that could keep an oil lamp burning infinitely. “I am an ungrateful soul but to be able to stand here in your presence and hear your words is the finest delight. It is as if I have never seen anything bad in my life.” the soul responded humbly. The soul started to shake of fear as the angels engulf around it’s descent. “Where are you taking me?” As his descent continue, another group of angels appear. “We will take it from here, by the orders of his grace, lord of majesty and honor.” the new group of angels interceded. “Kind soul, sorry we are late. We are the angels of gratitude. Throughout your life there were times where you were ungrateful in your days of both hardship and ease.”  they explained in an assuring manner. And the soul filled up with light and profuse a beautiful smell amongst the angels as it continued its ascension. As it continue to rise, the angel of love ask, “What is this beautiful smell?” The angel of truth replies, “It is the smell of a good and honest soul. It go to accompany those like it but I do not know to which kingdom it belongs.” And he knows what you do not know and sees what you do not see.