The angel of death came to a man on his deathbed. As he lay there he remember all of the deeds he had done during his life, both good and bad. The angel stood and peered into his eyes. One eye was full of darkness and the other full of light. He said to him, “I am ready to take you home.” The man full of fear and distraught replied, “But I am not ready for I have one more deed to commit to then it is done.” He had been hesitant to say how he felt because there was no negotiating with death. “The hour of your death shall come unexpectedly, there is no fleeing from it. This life is but a dream.” The man clasped his hands. “But I have not finished my mission here on earth. It would not be fair for me to leave without doing one last thing.” The angel then disappeared. The man was in shock but slightly confused at the same time. He had been paralyzed and could not move. He rolled himself off of the bed and slam down face flat onto the floor. His whole body in pain as he started to crawl towards the window. As he peer out through the window, he notice a mother and father walking with their son. He thought to himself, “I have spent my entire life working hard to earn a living and earn sucess. But value does not come from monetary things but from the simple things we take for granted. I am a man who has everything but I have nothing. If the world were to hear me I would tell them to cherish these things. Money can buy you a bed but sleep. Medicine but not health. Friends but not Family. Books but not knowledge. Hold on to your family and cherish them and maintain your kinship. Your health, for it is a crown that can only be seen by the sick and the elderly. And your principles, for those define your real value.” As he crawl back to his bed and attempt to clutch the bed post, he fall and start to gasp for air. His eyes were both full of light and full of beauty like the jasmine that sprout in the spring. The angel of death reappear. “It is time for you to return to us.” He smiles as he drift away, as if he had lived the fullest life.