He press his nose against the flower in the midst of the night. She was the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. He stand and glare at it with such passion, as if he was ready to make love. As the scent run through his veins he whisper, “Such fascinating energies you exude.” She was tall, her dress had five pedals, and she was lavender in color. The flowers around her were jealous whenever he would touch her or run his nose against her. “She always gets all of the attention and her dress, how showy.”, the Lillies said. The jasmines started to giggle as they felt the envious energy. “But she wears it well, she classy and she doesn’t even try”. The boy picked up the flower and start to run his fingers smoothly down each pedal. “I will name you Layla. For you are my moonlight love and the ecstasy to my senses.” he said appreciatively. The flower full of joy started to twirl in such a fashion. It twirled in his hand like a ballerina, spinning left and right. A bee watched and sat admiring in awe, but it was too cold of a night. He was tempted to go and sting the boy out of jealous protection for the flower. The boy drop a small subtle tear as he admire Layla. “There is so much beauty in this life. One can never truly appreciate something this grandiose without having lost.” His tear drops fall on Layla’s dress, her body start to fall down slowly out of sadness from the mans tears. “You lost someone you loved?” she asked. “A friend, the dark night took her from me. She was full of compassion and and was very pleasing to my eyes.” Layla start to stand back up as she find excitement in the conversation. “What happened to her?” she asked. The boy sat down and lay next to Layla as they both faced the moonlight. Layla’s moonlight shadow reflected on his face.  “My love was suffocating. Sometimes too much love can be a detriment between two people. It suffocated her.” the boy responded with shame on his face. “What is your definition of love?” Layla asked. The boy sighed and start to twirl the curly hair on the top of his head. “To be happy for someone even though you know that you cannot be with them.” he replied. Layla smiled, “Love has so much dark beauty.” After hearing this line, he start to have chills run through his body. The nostalgia of his past start to linger in his mind like hungry wraiths. He delicately pick up Layla and lay her head on his chest appreciating the smell of her hair. “Remember, that whatever you lose will always be replaced with something better. It require a bit of patience and time.” The boy smile, as the moonlight lay down its mercy on him and Layla.