He put on his mask of perseverance prepared to fight one of his many demons. He look outside as it was dark, he felt like a wraith wandering in the night. He had a special pair of white shoes that empowered him that he called ‘Hermes’. Before every run he would think to himself, “Sometimes you gotta run before you can fly.” He set out and prepare for his run on the long black pavement. As he got down one knee, he look up at the sky as the moonlight shine down on his face. “I’m coming back for you, don’t give up on me.” He started his run down the dark black road as the cold night bit at him like a cold sorceress casting magic on him. As he run, he feel a weird energy in the air. It was as if someone was following him, the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stood up. He look behind him only to find a shadow chasing him as he run. The shadow was a figure identical to his body type, his facial structure, and all of his features. As he continue to run, he felt as if there were shackles on his ankles pulling him back. He could hear their clanking and scraping as he try and run from the mysterious shadow. “You cannot run away from your fears.” the shadow screamed at him. He continued to run. “I do not need to face you, for I am trying to forget about you.” the runner said. The shackles kept pulling him back as he try and run from the shadow. “Why not face me? You have been running from me for all of those years. You must be scared.” the shadow said in a degrading way. The runner ignored him and kept running. He had shown up to the house of a girl that he was in love with. As he approach her house, the shadow appear again. The runner look only to find an arrow in his heart. “Do you see this? You must reconcile it before you begin something new.” the shadow said to him. “I do not understand.” The runner remember his last intimate encounter who he had lead on with his games as he played around with her heart. He had scarred her and left her heart broken never to see her again. “How do I remove this arrow?” the runner asked. “You don’t. The heart grows strong and the newcomer removes the arrow.” The runner continue to converse outside of the girl’s window with his shadow. The girl he was visiting awake from her bed as she hear some voices. As she peaks out of her window, she witnesses the runner who she recognize talking to himself. “I would never stick an arrow in her heart, yeah I made some mistakes in the past but I want to start off fresh.” His ankles felt free of shackles and so his shadow disappeared. The boy starts to scratch his head in confusion and thinks to himself. “Sure, I’ve made mistakes but life moves on, I hope my last love has forgiven me.” He hears the front door open, the girl walks away. “Who are you talking to?” she asks. “Myself.” he replied. “Is everything okay she asked, its kind of late to hang out don’t you think?”. He smiled, “Yeah it is. I wanted to talk to you about something but I got it figured out.” She smiled back. “Well I’m glad you’re ok. Call me tomorrow?”, she asked. “Maybe, I might be meeting someone again tomorrow night.” And so the runner set out for the road as she watched his shadow disappear with him.