One of his tear drops fall slowly descending down and splashing on his black shiny shoes creating a small explosion. He wore all black, bags under his red eyes as if he had never tasted sleep. He was awake for too long composing the finest music that even the angels hated him. “Vanish”, he thought. They were making love right in between him and the orchestra. The devil watched, as he kiss her aggressively brusing her lips. “Will it always be like this?” she asked. “We really shouldn’t be together alone, it’s asking for trouble.” he replied. She felt like she was in a nightmare and her world was about to shatter as she started hitting him and screaming, “Why can’t we be together? You said we were going to be together.” He didn’t know what was going on between them, things just kind of fell apart. One minute they were making love and the next minute there was a storm brewing up between them. “The devil is standing in between us, hes orchestrating all of this to make our lives hell.” she screamed. Her love thought she was being irrational as she was in a very emotional state. Her cheeks started to turn red and her body felt warm as if she was going through that hormonal time of the month. The devil continued to lead his orchestra as her heart set blazes of fire. “More violins and more tears, slow cellos and more melancholy, a bit more piano and some heart-break”, the devil ordered. He stood up and looked at her in the eyes, putting both hands on each side of her cheek. “It wasn’t mean to be.” She was in a rage, but destined to make things work. Her love started to walk away from her, but then he decide to turn around as he see her laying on the floor curled up crying. “We created all of this, there is no one else to blame.” The devil stopped his music as him and all his orchestra stop to watch the exchange. The violin player look at the devil in awe, “You create beautiful tears but even in sadness there is beauty, what a brilliant piece.” the violin player reply. “Light notes, as smooth of a transition as possible please. The devil says persistently. The devil drop his baton as he walk up to look at her tears, swiping one with his finger. “It will vanish just like this love she holds so dear .” he states. The room was dead silent like an abandoned graveyard. “More cello?” the cello player, as he tune his instrument. “No, there is enough of it now. Too much would create an imbalance in the scenery, this is where you fade out” the devil replies. “And what of the piano? there is not enough heartbreak.” the piano player ask. “Wait until they touch hands again and go for one last kiss.” the devil reply. And so he walks up to her and grabs her hand and picks her off of the ground. The music start to play again as the devil orchestrate with baton. The lovers look each other dead in the eye while holding hands and running their fingers through one  others. They have their last kiss of goodbye and then pull away from one another. “I am not who I want to be when I am with you, it’s better this way.” he says to her. She slaps him on the face. “You’re going to let go of me this easy?”. She was broken like a million pieces of glass, their love once a crystal now granulated pieces of sand by the beach. The devil pay attention to their exchange carefully. “And now, play a soft piano as he walks away then this curtain will close.” the devil says to the orchestra. And so the piano player softly plays a theme to the ending as he disappears from her life. “Will he see her again?” the pianist asks. “What do you think?” the devil replies back. And the curtain closes as he walk off stage.