A small boy throw up the peace sign as his home sets a blaze behind him. His green pearl eyes fill up with tears as the bullets whiz by his head. He looks to the left, “Help us! He’s bleeding to death. Please somebody do something!” a woman cry. A man comes to drag the bleeding body and pull the woman away as a tank rolls in. It blasts the home as the concrete foundation explode into a million pieces. The boy look to his right as a teacher evacuates students from a school. “Everyone hurry, let’s go!” she yell with authority. “But, I left my stuffed animal in there I need to go grab him.” a small girl reply. “No, he’s gone. We will get you another one.” The curls from the boys face start to fall down over his eyes as his body shake from the vibration of the nearby helicopter. “Echo 2, this Echo 1. We are in vicinity of the hostile town, preparing launch sequence after your initiation.” the boy hears from the helicopter radio chatter. He look up at the helicopter as it hover around him. An injured man crawl toward his feet as they claw his white pants with their blood stained hands. “Get out of here please, this is about to turn into hell.” the injured man says. “I am not scared, we must face them. We cannot stop trying.” the boy replies. “Echo 2, do not open fire on women and children, I repeat do not open fire on women and children.” he hears again on the radio chatter. He looks at the helicopter pilot dead in the eye. He throws his left hand up making a peace sign with a subtle smile. The gunfire around him continue as dust blows in his eyes. The helicopter land and a pack of 4 marines run out. One of the soldiers kneels down to pick up the boy. He look him dead in the eye and then turn back to look and his comrades. “What the hell are we doing here gentlemen? This all needs to stop” the Captain says. “Captain, get down!” one of the soldier screams. A sniper rifle shot go off. The boy open his eyes to find himself laying in the arms of the Captain, both of them sharing the same pool of blood. “Now we are one.” The captain says to the boy. His head tilt to the side and his eyes close.