Life changes with the blink of a crying eye. The airplane took off and she had the deepest of sighs. “Will I ever see you again my prince?”, she thought. Now she was a princess stuck all alone in her tower. The water fell on her back like tears coming out at night during a hot shower. The plane flew away gliding in the air without a care. Many would think this life is unfair but how would they know? He was just as lost and confused as she was. He didn’t have to leave. They were still seeing life the same way as he looked out the plane window, she look out the kitchen window. They were thinking the same thing. “Where does the time go why does time sometimes pass by fast and sometimes slow.” They both sighed at the same time like they were still together. She started getting headaches from the stress. He could feel her pain a thousand miles away like she was standing next to him crying in a dress. He was going to start a new life, his footprints in the sand without a wife. As time passed, he stopped caring. No more nights of long conversation and story sharing. “Why hasn’t he called?” she asked herself. “Nothing in life is permanent, we are constantly changing.” he thought back. Sometimes our minds are no different from a baby’s diaper, full of filth and in need of a change. Life has weird ways of leading you astray but then finding you later. He never came back and shattered her heart like a crater. Her name was Blink and his was Poof. Sometimes the hurt we feel in this world really makes us realize the Truth.