This life needs some change
A homeless brother don’t wanna feel strange
Everything around us is mysterious
We forget them and forget ourselves
Dusty books, our knowledge is on our shelves
Our greatest library is our thoughts
Rational is the way as we were taught
What happened to our raw emotion?
Mercy is caught up in a commotion
We cant accommodate even an orphan
So many lost and misguided
The rich and the poor lay divided
Great deeds have been subtracted no more addition
Another lost soul, like fruits that are forbidden
The elderly and sick are bed ridden
Let’s help those in need
How hard is it to perform a simple deed?
Nobody was ever poor from giving
Some merely exist
Thats the difference between dying and living
Sleep is for the dead
Laying countless hours in their bed
Rise and make a difference
We are all on in the same
Players of the same cruel game
Change your perspective
Be Objective not subjective
So many beautiful minds too elusive
They are secluded, living life in exclusion
Apologies for my intrusion
Lets come to some kind of conclusion
How did you come to be?
Hard work or Luck?
Dodging bullets of terror, run and duck
Captives in their own mind
Once blind, nevermind
Make a change, it wont cost a penny
Not even a quarter or a dime
Your free will is your time