No sleep thinking about my troublesIt’s driving me crazy
I’m watching life pass me
Feeling corrupted and lazy
I can’t seem to find the time
To really tell you whats on my mind
So many years trying to find my grind
Cut up like a million pieces
Gotta pay my rent and leases
I need to find the puzzles pieces
When will you come back in my life?
You disappeared I could have made you my wife
My hearts in pain it feels like a stab to the chest
Sharing so many secrets with you at night
You were my shadow
I was your mirror
Do you even hear her?
She disappeared when I needed her most
But at least shes happy
Isn’t that the definition of love?
To let someone love even if it isn’t with you
My words are like a straight road honest and true
Remember when we used to dance to the stars
We made the moon and sun jealous
They stared at us with their lights
Even when we got in our fights
Things were always so right
Your lips and my eyes
Only to find later that your were a disguise
Your brown hair  the clouds to my skies
My body a mountain
Little droplets of water pouring from a fountain
I needed you like the earth needed the soil
Pain makes the heart boil
Better things will come my way
Why didn’t you stay?
Another month or another year
Wouldn’t have made difference to me
Finally deciding to flee
Like a vigilante in search of something else
You’ve turned me into a Hero
Flying with passion like a Heron
The music will play when the sound of my success
I won’t settle for anymore of you, not a penny less
The more I struggle the more you will realize
That I really did love you and that’s no white lie