Before his eyes he finds Faith

Lost like a wandering Wraith

Cloaked and so full of hope

Engulfed in a circle of light

An inspiration an energy full of delight

It says follow me, I will show you the way

There are but two paths in this life

In between them is the grey

And then there is brave and the cowardly

You will find the answers you seek in both

Both are quiet in the night

But one stands with preserverance

While the other dwells in a cave never to show his face

Ashamed of what he might be

Rise like a Warrior

The champions train and the losers complain

Follow the ambitious night train

It does not know where it goes but it keeps moving

Even when it pass in the tunnel it is lost

But there is always a blazing light in the end

Fight until your palms are full of blood and sweat

Sleep is certainly for the dead

Even they are unaware of their misfortune

March like a band of brothers

Out and alone without their mothers

Hope has bred the finest of men

Make death your enemy not your friend

Faith keeps going its never over

Embrace its power and luck

For it is your four leaf clover