There will be times of darkness and times of light
Allah is a star shining in the night so bright
The flowers cry to him, ‘Your beauty is in us’Sometimes they bloom sometimes die
He is even in the teardrop of an eye
A cry capable of filling a million oceans
Is he satisfied? His forgiveness is vast
Chasing your dreams, He is running with you
The sky is yours, if only you would ask
What else do you desire?
Look at the sun and the moon
I made it for you
Gaze upon it and do not be ungrateful
You will never be alone when he is with you
Staying by your side in night and day
Just kneel down, make dua and pray
He’ll be there for you
Just remember to say Inshallah
He will guide you through the path
Do not look at his wraith
How you view him is how you see yourself
Just rememberĀ  to say Alhumdulillah
Be satisfied and stay the course
Things could always be much worse
Remember me, I will remember you
His words are forever true
Turn to Allah
Turn to Allah
He’s always right even when you’ve left
He’s found you