Get it up and try and fight for a cause

My condolences for your loss

But you must learn to move on

Move along, the road is long

This is but a fragile life of casualties

Punish the handicaps and abornomalities

Let it rot alone like an abomination

Food and water asks for your appreciation

Be grateful, never hateful

Fight sin with the meanest grin

Smile gracefully, walk humble

This world of thoughts is a jumble

Leap forward and seize your own jungle

Fight your inner bears and lions

What is it all worth if you aint even tryin?

Two steps forward, one step back

Don’t leave your dreams, strike an attack

Remedy your fires you are the medicine

Are you even listenin to a word im sayin?

Hold on to your faith and keep prayin

Slayin, Please keep on believing

You die the moment you stop dreaming

Your heart is free strike it like Thor

Be the shepherd don’t wander like a Bore

Strike a lesson, inspire a soul

Leaving a legacy should be your lifelong goal

Fight the insomnia you’re awake for a reason

Grab it by the horns and charge it with treason

Do away with the hate, its what we need to eradicate

Revive love, make an everlasting impression

To love and be loved is the number one lesson