This is all the storm before the calm

Your cold breaths on my palm

I can feel you clenching your fists

Seeing that bracelet on your wrist

But you still want to fight, I wont resist

Even when your words hurt me

I embrace you, you set my heart free

When you’re broken I’m broken

When you’re hurtin’ I’m hurtin

Come close baby lets get back to flirtin

This passion will always defeat this animosity 

Lets diffuse all of these atrocities

I’m a barbarian for your satisfaction

What ever happened to our beginning attraction?

Baby, our chemistry is so explosive

But sometimes I feel your love is corrosive

Pull me close then push me away

Things don’t always have to be this way

Why you gotta keep cryin?

Sometimes the truth is better than lyin

I’ll lay here forever by your side

Tomorrow we’ll wake up again and feel alive