He stand there like a hero in disguise

If you could stand and see his eyes

Fiery eyes, like pearls of glass

Shattered inside but for some reason he kept moving

The road is long and hard

But he understood affliction

As his hardships carried ease

It was only his lord that he wanted to please

Fine manners and good character

The good deed is heaviest on the scales

He lay below the water with a gargantuan whale

Strength comes from withholding your anger

It comes in numbers and in patience

Oh, but the patient warrior is most fierce

More agile than a sword that could pierce

Look to the blade as it carries two sides

One to feed and the other to harm

Good always defeats evil

Darkness is but the absence of light

He looks deep inside and what does he see?

A warrior? A bigot? A hypocrite?

The magic is all around him  

If he would just open his eyes

Yes, if he would only open his pearl eyes