Keep them guessing

Your hardships are truly caressing

Stop obsessing and enjoy your blessings

Let go of the demons they will eat you alive

You’re lucky to be alive, high five

You have beautiful eyes, round thighs

You must stay healthy and exercise

Fight for the day and soon you will strive

In the darkest of days remember its just a phase

At the end of it all you will be amazed

You will meet her soon, her eyes dilated and glazed

They will turn from dirty gems to pearls

Running her fingers through her beautiful curls

Once surrounded by innocent girls

She saved herself for you

A wise man from your mistakes no longer a fool

Before this life was all about the thrills

But now you feel cold and full of chills

Her heat will keep you forever warm

And perhaps her heart will consume you like a swarm

She will swarm you like that of a thousand companions

Once a loser but now turned into a champion

Losers complain, champions train

A jetsetter, she’s never seen nothin better

She lay beside you like a scarlet letter

Respect her and she’ll respect you

She sees the pain in your eyes

All of your hardships have brought you to her

What you thought was difficult

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise