I dream t of you that night when i was all alone in the abyss

But you never showed me your face

There was so much light in it, an illuminating lamp i suppose

I could feel a force ripping through me like a tornado

My thoughts were racing like crazy, random ones too

It was hard for me to lay still as i lay in bed

I dropped to the floor and knelt to you

My hands raised up high as i ask for your forgiveness

Where were you all these years? 

Standing right there beside me 

You had answered me but I could not see it

I was so selfish and so consumed in my own soul

Faith, what was that all about?

Was it about me or you?

I was so lonely and lost but you gave me the best companion

One that was everlasting and absolute

But isn’t that what you are?

If so, then what am I?

Maybe I am a vessel or a message in a bottle

Or perhaps a traveler sent to this unknown land

I was in search of something greater than myself

A truth so solemnly lost in a jungle of barbarians

This nomadic lifestyle isn’t easy but i continue to move

One day I will stand beside you in light

As faith stood beside me in dark