Lately I’ve been feeling cold in this empty house

Imagining her there like I’m being aroused 

She’s there when the music plays

I feel her lost in the sun like yellow rays

She stings me but it tingles

Feeling so comfortably numb

Thoughts of her make me go dumb

I lose control of my body and my mind

My eyes close shut and my dreams go blind

But what is it that drives my mind?

Is it my heart? 

Sometimes I have the right words to say but I don’t know where to start

I imagine us at the finish line

There just wasn’t enough time

We came so far but we couldn’t complete our climb 

I’m falling and falling 

Isnt that appalling? 

WIll you catch me when I’m down?

Maybe throw up a smile when I frown?

These realizations are just illusions

Her hand running across my forehead contusion

Sorry baby for the confusion 

You scarred me with your abrasians and scrapes

My confidence wrapped in sheets of drapes 

Im wrapped in vines of grapes

Cant even taste the sweet nectar

You have me dragged across the floor like hector 

Dragging my heart across the sweet floor

The dust follows and then the dirt cries

It all finally comes out like your beautiful lies

But i remember your whispers and the feel of your thighs

Nevermind I must still be living in a fantasy

A utopia of my own mind

Lovers are so blind

They think too much with their heart

If I could see you again I wouldn’t know where to start