A mans life is not measured by how long his years are
But by the days he spent happy in those yearsIf I were to count my happy days, they would be few
But the best of my days were spent alongside my brother and sister
As my brother nourished me with his intelligence I grew stronger
As my sister flooded my mind with her intellect I grew wiser
The best of my days were spent in seclusion
Away from the world I understood who I am
Only when I was alone and secluded did I understand meaning
At times I felt like a beggar for love and experience
But as a beggar never did I beg for money or recognition
It was my hardships that helped me beg for help and grow
As the trials fill up life the wings start to spread
A  bird starts off young and small but then learns to fly
Or a flower, it leans to the right and left as it grows
But then one day blooms and stands straight
Oh, how those years were filled with the smell of a jasmine
Blooming white years filled with the incense of a burning wood
The heart was on fire and the mind empty and hollow
Is it better to be lost or confused?
I never found the answer but the answer found me
But it was only when I stopped looking for the answer
It came to sit on my shoulder like a butterfly
Only to leave me when i attached myself to the world
An old man holding on to his cane in desperation to walk
To regain his youth and colorful young years
Once a baby coming into this world crying while others smiling
Soon to be that old man leaving it smiling while others crying
A mans life is not measured by how much money he made
But the days he spent sharing his wealth
If I were to count my money it would be few
But the best of my days were spent sharing what I had
As gods generosity filled my life with riches that were intangible
The wealth of a man does not lie in his assets and values but his blessings
A bed can be bought but a sound sleep is one of a kind
Friends can be found but the warmth and love of a family is unconditonal
Beautiful books can be bought but virtue must be practiced
A man must take care of his health, his family, and his values
The days I spent with my family and fighting for my health
Are the ones I truly considered lived by me
Measure my years by the words of those who knew me well
Not by the amount of years that I lived