You wonder when will the beautiful butterfly come to sit on our shoulders

Arms and body tired like we’ve been carrying a boulder

The blood rush from our heart makes us grow colder

But we look up to see the suns rays

Beams of light shine down heating us like a blanket

Our frozen sigil becomes a vigil for others

Vigilant warriors we have become

Where did all this power come from?

Truly our hardships come from ourselves

And the blessings of our lord come from above

Sometimes all we want to do is fly away like a pack of doves

Remember that the opposite of our fear is our love

A rational heart will always beat an irrational mind

Those who don’t feel are not of our kind

What drives our thoughts is it our heart or our mind? 

Our hearts carries its own intelligence

Parts of it can talk if you let it

What do you think a teardrop is?

Its the hearts way of saying hello and goodbye

To know how to walk is to learn how to fly

Even a teardrop can say a thousand words

Spread our wings and look the sky

Our wingspan is greater than our sighs

A worry is a warriors cry 

Only the strong know what its like to fight and die

But to fight for something pure is to live truly

Spread love its time to do our duty

To god and country

Fear is but a sheep lost and hungry

We are hungry wolves in search of love

Abundance comes from within and from above