Beautiful women as we men know it are like swords

Their hair like a sharp blade sways left and right

Casual strikes to the heart and mind

Their love strong enough to intoxicate or sober a humble man

They don’t even realize it which makes them much more powerful

Have you no mercy on us humble men?

What does a man need to do in order to defeat you?

A strike against a strike only creates fire

Let us be the water to your ignited fire

One half of us delicate moons

The other half of you blazing suns

Neither light over light

Nor dark over dark

Darkness is the absence of light

Humble beginnings always start with a spark

Show us your modesty and we will let go of our pride

A man without his ego is a knight without a sword

But a knight will always kneel to a princess

Here we stand like naked peasants

Our egos under your feet

But be merciful to what we offer

For there is much more to us than your deceiving eyes

Mercy is all we ask

And modesty is the answer we expect

Be graceful and delicate in your response