Doubt wanders alone like a wandering wraith

Not knowing that faith is his twin brother

Both coming from the same mother

Each capable of defeating each other

But to love faith is to smother it

When one flies then the other sleeps

A leap of faith moves further

Than a million doubts

Like two men

One silent and the other shouting

Faith remains in silence with no complaint

While doubt is shouting worries

Without a doubt you must have faith

But with Faith you have no doubt

This is what moving forward is about

Life isnt about happy endings but the beautiful story

Faith is a pillar to the highest stories

A foundation built of gems

What is a flower without a stem?

Merely pedals on thin air

But doubt is a thief of time and progress

It makes us wander and regress

Our cups full of faith now filled with regret

Making us guilty to drink from our blessing

Poisoning our care and caressing

What is this life without faith?

Specks of doubt without a doubt

A faithful warriors cry is his greatest shout