Look into the eyes with admiration
Like a thirsty beggar and a generous genie
But be careful not to kiss those eyes
The eyes are a door to a flattering soul
But a soul cannot move without inspiration
It fears beauty and a virtous home
One day the eyes will speak like a guilty thief
It will rotate around with its colors to its admirer
Carrying with it the vision like a king
Who disturbs my slumber?
Have you seen what ive seen?
Its admirer will render shy and speechless
Like that of a modest woman
The eyes are the truth of honest humiity
Please dont kiss my eyes it will say again
The presence of virtue will make everything blurry for me
The modest are few and the hypocrites are many
Approach me and stare all you like
But let these eyes rest for i have seen much of the world
It is full of cruelty and darkness
But darkness is the abscence of light
Cold is the abscence of heat
The eyelids will start to cover the beautiful eyes like curtains
A tear begins to drop like a drip of honey from a bottle
The tear whispers i am here because i remember the past
This too shall pass
The eyelid opens again
But what of the present?
It is a blessing to see it now
Kiss my eyes but be weary
For the future is not in my hands
And beyond what these eyes can see