You must be in good spirits and good health

Do not miss the good innocent days of laughter and freedom

Only, the tranquility of a sound mind

Peace, love, and laughter

Reminiscing of a good woman’s hands intertwined amongst your own

Happenstance, two souls knotted like a ribbed rope

Climbing up and down only to find one other

To share a vision through each others eyes is a delight

Like two sailors on a voyage to an uninhabited island

What shall they see?

Maybe everything or merely nothing

The journey is more beautiful than the destination

Time is finite but Hope is forever

It is but two souls in a departing universe

But those souls shall not depart at this moment in time

There is too much at stake

Every day is another fight

For what is it to live if there is nothing to strive for?

Something more than ourselves

A dream, a vision, a goal

This life is but a dream

If you chase your dreams she says

You may catch one, hold it in your palms

Caress it like a newborn baby and watch it grow

There is no such thing as ‘If’

If is doubt disguised as the devil

Oh, My beautiful lady Hope

Do not disappear before me

Let me glaze at you before I submit

I shall pick myself

And charge with these horns of passion

One last time.