Oh how your eyes light up like the moon

A crescent smile floating between the stars

The curves between your cheeks drifting away

Like golden boats on the Nile

Earthly water feeding the silt

Strange how our tears and the river both cry

But do you cry for the world or for me?

The both of us full of complexity and pain

But tears can also be full of joy

A full face can shine like the morning sun

Rising at dawn by command

And setting softly to its bed

It continues to wake every morning

When shall we wake?

There is so much more to see

Show a light and help us hope

For what is a life without hope?

Fear, pure fear

Villains roam about us

Like hungry thieves with daggers

Circles around their eyes

Fear injected into the masses

Turmoil and anxiety

The devil running through their blood

Be steadfast, hold our ground

We must remain heroes

Our legacy like a statue

We shall not break at the sight of fear

Days full of hope

Creation rather destruction

For we were created from dust

Shadows and Dust

For all else is dust and air

Dust and Air