Blessings in Disguise

Keep them guessing

Your hardships are truly caressing

Stop obsessing and enjoy your blessings

Let go of the demons they will eat you alive

You’re lucky to be alive, high five

You have beautiful eyes, round thighs

You must stay healthy and exercise

Fight for the day and soon you will strive

In the darkest of days remember its just a phase

At the end of it all you will be amazed

You will meet her soon, her eyes dilated and glazed

They will turn from dirty gems to pearls

Running her fingers through her beautiful curls

Once surrounded by innocent girls

She saved herself for you

A wise man from your mistakes no longer a fool

Before this life was all about the thrills

But now you feel cold and full of chills

Her heat will keep you forever warm

And perhaps her heart will consume you like a swarm

She will swarm you like that of a thousand companions

Once a loser but now turned into a champion

Losers complain, champions train

A jetsetter, she’s never seen nothin better

She lay beside you like a scarlet letter

Respect her and she’ll respect you

She sees the pain in your eyes

All of your hardships have brought you to her

What you thought was difficult

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise

Lost soul

I dream t of you that night when i was all alone in the abyss

But you never showed me your face

There was so much light in it, an illuminating lamp i suppose

I could feel a force ripping through me like a tornado

My thoughts were racing like crazy, random ones too

It was hard for me to lay still as i lay in bed

I dropped to the floor and knelt to you

My hands raised up high as i ask for your forgiveness

Where were you all these years? 

Standing right there beside me 

You had answered me but I could not see it

I was so selfish and so consumed in my own soul

Faith, what was that all about?

Was it about me or you?

I was so lonely and lost but you gave me the best companion

One that was everlasting and absolute

But isn’t that what you are?

If so, then what am I?

Maybe I am a vessel or a message in a bottle

Or perhaps a traveler sent to this unknown land

I was in search of something greater than myself

A truth so solemnly lost in a jungle of barbarians

This nomadic lifestyle isn’t easy but i continue to move

One day I will stand beside you in light

As faith stood beside me in dark


He stand there like a hero in disguise

If you could stand and see his eyes

Fiery eyes, like pearls of glass

Shattered inside but for some reason he kept moving

The road is long and hard

But he understood affliction

As his hardships carried ease

It was only his lord that he wanted to please

Fine manners and good character

The good deed is heaviest on the scales

He lay below the water with a gargantuan whale

Strength comes from withholding your anger

It comes in numbers and in patience

Oh, but the patient warrior is most fierce

More agile than a sword that could pierce

Look to the blade as it carries two sides

One to feed and the other to harm

Good always defeats evil

Darkness is but the absence of light

He looks deep inside and what does he see?

A warrior? A bigot? A hypocrite?

The magic is all around him  

If he would just open his eyes

Yes, if he would only open his pearl eyes

Everything gonna be alright

You’re dancing around in my mind like a little devil

Hells doors have been opened for quite some time

I cant seem to find the rights words or the right rhyme

These feelings wont go away

I’ve been hoping for a better day

As the sun rises I think of your shiny curls

But the most beautiful things aint diamonds or pearls

The most beautiful thing is a righteous girl

Why wont you reach out an arm to me?

I’m not as far as I could be 

Its hard not to reminisce of the good times

The clock stops at ten baby you were my dime

Time flies but you remember memory lane?

Its such a shame that you had to go

Things will turn around and everything’s gonna be alright

Yeah thats right, everythings going to be alright


Keep dreaming

The greatest dream you’ll ever have is to feel alive

Yesterday you were dead but now youre reborn

Fight through all of it and make it through the storm

Lightning crashes, the Sun strikes

Rays of light hit me like a pike

Never stop dreaming

To finally wake up would be the death of you

The higher you climb the more you’ve been found

One day you’ll be famous and renowned

This whole life is just an illusion of leaves

The mind can wander like hungry thieves

Consume the thoughts before they bring you down

Turn that frown upside down

Whatever goes down has to go up

The glass is always have full

Don’t look inside look at your cup

To appreciate is to be a dreamer

Capture your memories

To be grateful is to be a warrior

Fight for your loved ones

To be patient is to be a king

Hold on to your throne

You are on your way home

One day you’ll be under the lights and the dome

One day you’ll be under the lights and the dome

Whirlwind of Love

This is all the storm before the calm

Your cold breaths on my palm

I can feel you clenching your fists

Seeing that bracelet on your wrist

But you still want to fight, I wont resist

Even when your words hurt me

I embrace you, you set my heart free

When you’re broken I’m broken

When you’re hurtin’ I’m hurtin

Come close baby lets get back to flirtin

This passion will always defeat this animosity 

Lets diffuse all of these atrocities

I’m a barbarian for your satisfaction

What ever happened to our beginning attraction?

Baby, our chemistry is so explosive

But sometimes I feel your love is corrosive

Pull me close then push me away

Things don’t always have to be this way

Why you gotta keep cryin?

Sometimes the truth is better than lyin

I’ll lay here forever by your side

Tomorrow we’ll wake up again and feel alive


Movin Groovin

Just gotta keep walking with my head up, I’m so over you

Tired of thinking about you and feeling blue

Yesterday was supposed to be our anniversary

But I’m tearing up all the love letters and soon ill be free

Why cant I stop thinking about you?

Everything you whispered in my ear was so goddamn true

I should have let go of my pride

Humble myself and let it go like a roller coaster ride

All of this is because of you

But I wont give up and I wont give in

See the smile on my chin

All of this is because of you

Your words were so goddamn true

I’m still head strung over you

Do you see this broken soul?

I think Ill be alright

Your words were so goddamn right

I’ll probably love you then Ill hate you again

Yeah that’s right

I’ll love you then ill hate you again

I’ll love you then ill hate you again

Life Delight

Oh, the delights of this beautiful life

I reminisce of everything inside of it alone

The love of my home keeps me warm

Sitting alone by the fire thinking

Breathing in the cold air

It nourishes me like honey to the bees

They fly around me so lightly

My eyes fill with light as I watch 

As they fill with tear drops 

Patience is the gift of God

But when will life give back to me?

I’ve lost myself inside of it 

The more I love it then more it loves me

Oh, the delights of this beautiful life

There is so much nostalgia floating around

The love of my family touches my soul

Like a light that invites the moon to sit with me

And maybe the sun will be jealous too

If they spend time with me will the stars join us?

Keep Moving Forward

Get it up and try and fight for a cause

My condolences for your loss

But you must learn to move on

Move along, the road is long

This is but a fragile life of casualties

Punish the handicaps and abornomalities

Let it rot alone like an abomination

Food and water asks for your appreciation

Be grateful, never hateful

Fight sin with the meanest grin

Smile gracefully, walk humble

This world of thoughts is a jumble

Leap forward and seize your own jungle

Fight your inner bears and lions

What is it all worth if you aint even tryin?

Two steps forward, one step back

Don’t leave your dreams, strike an attack

Remedy your fires you are the medicine

Are you even listenin to a word im sayin?

Hold on to your faith and keep prayin

Slayin, Please keep on believing

You die the moment you stop dreaming

Your heart is free strike it like Thor

Be the shepherd don’t wander like a Bore

Strike a lesson, inspire a soul

Leaving a legacy should be your lifelong goal

Fight the insomnia you’re awake for a reason

Grab it by the horns and charge it with treason

Do away with the hate, its what we need to eradicate

Revive love, make an everlasting impression

To love and be loved is the number one lesson

Inspirational Thief

I want to be a greatness,
Walking confident and inspiring
Running humbly why wont you confide in me?
My hardships sinking suddenly
Brushing it off like a flea.
Brothers and Sisters,
By my mother and father,
Driving children to be free,
Or is this life all about me?.
I want to be a greatness,
Can you see it yet?
Can you see it yet?
Walking and inspiring is the life I want to live,
    Is the life I want to live.