Boisit Aniya

Look into the eyes with admiration
Like a thirsty beggar and a generous genie
But be careful not to kiss those eyes
The eyes are a door to a flattering soul
But a soul cannot move without inspiration
It fears beauty and a virtous home
One day the eyes will speak like a guilty thief
It will rotate around with its colors to its admirer
Carrying with it the vision like a king
Who disturbs my slumber?
Have you seen what ive seen?
Its admirer will render shy and speechless
Like that of a modest woman
The eyes are the truth of honest humiity
Please dont kiss my eyes it will say again
The presence of virtue will make everything blurry for me
The modest are few and the hypocrites are many
Approach me and stare all you like
But let these eyes rest for i have seen much of the world
It is full of cruelty and darkness
But darkness is the abscence of light
Cold is the abscence of heat
The eyelids will start to cover the beautiful eyes like curtains
A tear begins to drop like a drip of honey from a bottle
The tear whispers i am here because i remember the past
This too shall pass
The eyelid opens again
But what of the present?
It is a blessing to see it now
Kiss my eyes but be weary
For the future is not in my hands
And beyond what these eyes can see

Twin brothers

Doubt wanders alone like a wandering wraith

Not knowing that faith is his twin brother

Both coming from the same mother

Each capable of defeating each other

But to love faith is to smother it

When one flies then the other sleeps

A leap of faith moves further

Than a million doubts

Like two men

One silent and the other shouting

Faith remains in silence with no complaint

While doubt is shouting worries

Without a doubt you must have faith

But with Faith you have no doubt

This is what moving forward is about

Life isnt about happy endings but the beautiful story

Faith is a pillar to the highest stories

A foundation built of gems

What is a flower without a stem?

Merely pedals on thin air

But doubt is a thief of time and progress

It makes us wander and regress

Our cups full of faith now filled with regret

Making us guilty to drink from our blessing

Poisoning our care and caressing

What is this life without faith?

Specks of doubt without a doubt

A faithful warriors cry is his greatest shout



Fear and Love

You wonder when will the beautiful butterfly come to sit on our shoulders

Arms and body tired like we’ve been carrying a boulder

The blood rush from our heart makes us grow colder

But we look up to see the suns rays

Beams of light shine down heating us like a blanket

Our frozen sigil becomes a vigil for others

Vigilant warriors we have become

Where did all this power come from?

Truly our hardships come from ourselves

And the blessings of our lord come from above

Sometimes all we want to do is fly away like a pack of doves

Remember that the opposite of our fear is our love

A rational heart will always beat an irrational mind

Those who don’t feel are not of our kind

What drives our thoughts is it our heart or our mind? 

Our hearts carries its own intelligence

Parts of it can talk if you let it

What do you think a teardrop is?

Its the hearts way of saying hello and goodbye

To know how to walk is to learn how to fly

Even a teardrop can say a thousand words

Spread our wings and look the sky

Our wingspan is greater than our sighs

A worry is a warriors cry 

Only the strong know what its like to fight and die

But to fight for something pure is to live truly

Spread love its time to do our duty

To god and country

Fear is but a sheep lost and hungry

We are hungry wolves in search of love

Abundance comes from within and from above



Haya’ Mahabba

Beautiful women as we men know it are like swords

Their hair like a sharp blade sways left and right

Casual strikes to the heart and mind

Their love strong enough to intoxicate or sober a humble man

They don’t even realize it which makes them much more powerful

Have you no mercy on us humble men?

What does a man need to do in order to defeat you?

A strike against a strike only creates fire

Let us be the water to your ignited fire

One half of us delicate moons

The other half of you blazing suns

Neither light over light

Nor dark over dark

Darkness is the absence of light

Humble beginnings always start with a spark

Show us your modesty and we will let go of our pride

A man without his ego is a knight without a sword

But a knight will always kneel to a princess

Here we stand like naked peasants

Our egos under your feet

But be merciful to what we offer

For there is much more to us than your deceiving eyes

Mercy is all we ask

And modesty is the answer we expect

Be graceful and delicate in your response



Oh the beautiful star of my soul

Fill my cup up with the wine of your love

Let me drink from your hands

The taste more pleasant than honey from the valleys

I see beautiful roses on your cheeks

Kisses landing on each cheek from the sky

As if God kissed you himself

Everytime I go walking at night

I imagine our shadows walking side by side

My hand in yours and yours in mine

The night so silent I can only hear us

An intimacy strong enough to light up the moon-sky

The white color of Jasmine on your forehead

I stare at it like I would a star in the sky

My eyes melt the longer I look

The light in my eyes like a beggar and a diamond

And the smell of your hair

It makes the honey and flowers jealous

A nectar worth a thousands blooms

A bloom worth a million flowers in the valley

Everytime I go walking at night

I imagine our shadows walking side by side

My hand in yours and yours in mine

The night so silent I can only hear us

An intimacy strong enough to light up the moonsky

I remain a captive of your beauty

Hold me hostage for as long as you desire

As a prisoner of love looking behind a locked door

Peering through the keyhole to see freedom

Only to desire imprisonment between the mercy of your intimacy

And the complexity of your innocent soul


One day I sat and listened to the sound of the water

It was as if the fountain was whispering words into my ear

Then suddenly she appeared like I saw her in my dreams

Her cheeks were more red than the spring roses

She walked by me as i stared at her lavish lips

A small glimpse of her teeth behind a lost smile

Pearls amongst lonely pearls

As I blew her a kiss, it quickly disappeared amongst the clouds

The sky, more jealous than the jasmine flowers around me

I watched my kiss float away like a boat lost at sea

But It was I who was lost at sea

Lost amongst a hidden treasure I couldn’t describe

A white light that could light a thousand lamps

Similar to the feeling of love towards ones lord

Love hidden within light

Only to be discovered with the sincerest emotion


El Hayat El Helwa

A mans life is not measured by how long his years are
But by the days he spent happy in those yearsIf I were to count my happy days, they would be few
But the best of my days were spent alongside my brother and sister
As my brother nourished me with his intelligence I grew stronger
As my sister flooded my mind with her intellect I grew wiser
The best of my days were spent in seclusion
Away from the world I understood who I am
Only when I was alone and secluded did I understand meaning
At times I felt like a beggar for love and experience
But as a beggar never did I beg for money or recognition
It was my hardships that helped me beg for help and grow
As the trials fill up life the wings start to spread
A  bird starts off young and small but then learns to fly
Or a flower, it leans to the right and left as it grows
But then one day blooms and stands straight
Oh, how those years were filled with the smell of a jasmine
Blooming white years filled with the incense of a burning wood
The heart was on fire and the mind empty and hollow
Is it better to be lost or confused?
I never found the answer but the answer found me
But it was only when I stopped looking for the answer
It came to sit on my shoulder like a butterfly
Only to leave me when i attached myself to the world
An old man holding on to his cane in desperation to walk
To regain his youth and colorful young years
Once a baby coming into this world crying while others smiling
Soon to be that old man leaving it smiling while others crying
A mans life is not measured by how much money he made
But the days he spent sharing his wealth
If I were to count my money it would be few
But the best of my days were spent sharing what I had
As gods generosity filled my life with riches that were intangible
The wealth of a man does not lie in his assets and values but his blessings
A bed can be bought but a sound sleep is one of a kind
Friends can be found but the warmth and love of a family is unconditonal
Beautiful books can be bought but virtue must be practiced
A man must take care of his health, his family, and his values
The days I spent with my family and fighting for my health
Are the ones I truly considered lived by me
Measure my years by the words of those who knew me well
Not by the amount of years that I lived



Lately I’ve been feeling cold in this empty house

Imagining her there like I’m being aroused 

She’s there when the music plays

I feel her lost in the sun like yellow rays

She stings me but it tingles

Feeling so comfortably numb

Thoughts of her make me go dumb

I lose control of my body and my mind

My eyes close shut and my dreams go blind

But what is it that drives my mind?

Is it my heart? 

Sometimes I have the right words to say but I don’t know where to start

I imagine us at the finish line

There just wasn’t enough time

We came so far but we couldn’t complete our climb 

I’m falling and falling 

Isnt that appalling? 

WIll you catch me when I’m down?

Maybe throw up a smile when I frown?

These realizations are just illusions

Her hand running across my forehead contusion

Sorry baby for the confusion 

You scarred me with your abrasians and scrapes

My confidence wrapped in sheets of drapes 

Im wrapped in vines of grapes

Cant even taste the sweet nectar

You have me dragged across the floor like hector 

Dragging my heart across the sweet floor

The dust follows and then the dirt cries

It all finally comes out like your beautiful lies

But i remember your whispers and the feel of your thighs

Nevermind I must still be living in a fantasy

A utopia of my own mind

Lovers are so blind

They think too much with their heart

If I could see you again I wouldn’t know where to start



Blessings in Disguise

Keep them guessing

Your hardships are truly caressing

Stop obsessing and enjoy your blessings

Let go of the demons they will eat you alive

You’re lucky to be alive, high five

You have beautiful eyes, round thighs

You must stay healthy and exercise

Fight for the day and soon you will strive

In the darkest of days remember its just a phase

At the end of it all you will be amazed

You will meet her soon, her eyes dilated and glazed

They will turn from dirty gems to pearls

Running her fingers through her beautiful curls

Once surrounded by innocent girls

She saved herself for you

A wise man from your mistakes no longer a fool

Before this life was all about the thrills

But now you feel cold and full of chills

Her heat will keep you forever warm

And perhaps her heart will consume you like a swarm

She will swarm you like that of a thousand companions

Once a loser but now turned into a champion

Losers complain, champions train

A jetsetter, she’s never seen nothin better

She lay beside you like a scarlet letter

Respect her and she’ll respect you

She sees the pain in your eyes

All of your hardships have brought you to her

What you thought was difficult

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise

Lost soul

I dream t of you that night when i was all alone in the abyss

But you never showed me your face

There was so much light in it, an illuminating lamp i suppose

I could feel a force ripping through me like a tornado

My thoughts were racing like crazy, random ones too

It was hard for me to lay still as i lay in bed

I dropped to the floor and knelt to you

My hands raised up high as i ask for your forgiveness

Where were you all these years? 

Standing right there beside me 

You had answered me but I could not see it

I was so selfish and so consumed in my own soul

Faith, what was that all about?

Was it about me or you?

I was so lonely and lost but you gave me the best companion

One that was everlasting and absolute

But isn’t that what you are?

If so, then what am I?

Maybe I am a vessel or a message in a bottle

Or perhaps a traveler sent to this unknown land

I was in search of something greater than myself

A truth so solemnly lost in a jungle of barbarians

This nomadic lifestyle isn’t easy but i continue to move

One day I will stand beside you in light

As faith stood beside me in dark


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